Getting a slightly compact flat looking the way you want it to is a tricky business at the best of times, but decorating small spaces on a budget can be especially hard. However, even condensed spaces can be made to feel truly homely and welcoming given a bit of ingenuity and some careful consideration.

When decorating a small apartment on a budget, the trick is to fit as much as possible into the allotted room without making it feel cramped. Whatever your personal style preference – whether you like it loud and colourful or you prefer to take a more minimalist approach – you should be able to make it work, even in relatively constrained surroundings.

With all that in mind, then, here are Ponden Home’s top tips for decorating small rooms.









1. Think carefully about lighting. Careful use of lighting can make a small-scale apartment seem surprisingly spacious. If a space lacks natural light, try compensating by adding other light sources – think pendant light fittings or quirky table lamps. Alternatively, you can harness natural light more effectively by replacing dark or heavy curtains with lighter shades. Hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling can also make a boxy room appear larger.

2. Use mirrors to maximise the effect of natural light. Another really effective way of maximising natural light (thereby making the space appear larger) is to add mirrors in the right places. These can help to distribute light around the home – something which can make an especially big difference in flats with limited space – so that it seems that bit more open and welcoming.

3. Ensure that everything looks coherent. One thing that’s absolutely crucial when decorating confined spaces is to make sure that everything fits together properly. Don’t simply throw everything at it to see what sticks! Choose a simple colour palette and try to operate within it – always bear this theme in mind when decorating or making new additions.

4. Make sure everything is functional, too. When you’re trying to redecorate your home on a reduced budget, you can’t really afford to waste money on things that look good but don’t really play a particularly practical role. Concentrate on buying more functional items for everyday use first. Then, once you’ve got all those in place, you can start to think about accessorising a bit more.

5. Use any statement pieces you have to provide a focal point. When you’ve not got much space to play with, it’s a good idea to use larger pieces of furniture or accessories (such as prints and photographs, for example) to catch the eye; you can centre the look of the room around these. This can, if done correctly, actually be more effective at making the environment appear roomier than using scaled-down furniture.

6. Avoid clutter at all costs. One of the keys to good interior design in small spaces is creating the optical illusion of a generous area where it doesn’t exist. This is why you need to avoid cramming too much stuff in there – don’t ram furniture into every gap that’s going spare! Take a measured approach and make sure that everything has adequate breathing room.

7. Don’t decorate your whole home in one go. If you’re operating to a tight budget, it’s always a good idea to tackle various areas of your home at different times. It might be tempting to simply go steaming in and do it all at once, but a more patient approach is likely to be better for your wallet!

Hopefully these simple pointers will provide you with some useful ideas on how to go about decorating a small apartment on a budget. It might seem like a bit of a daunting undertaking at first, but by taking steps such as these, you can make the whole business of redecorating and revamping your home both less stressful and more affordable. Good luck!

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